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SCOOTER -"She's the sun" rare MISPRINTED promo 5" CD - 2 tracks (Deutsche Version)

Important for international bidders: For payment by PayPal please add € 1,- to cover fees! Payment must be received within 14 days! For any questions about this or if you have problems with fast payment please contact me BEFORE bidding: scooter@jjck.com

This is a real collector's item! New! MINT condition! Only available here! This is not the usual promo CD, I sell a version with a misprinted cover. The cover picture is printed much too dark. The rest including the CD content is the same like the usual promo CD (2 trax). I know that there have been only 600 copies of this pressing and they all should have been trashed (the responsible person of the promotion agency once was one of my clients). The CDs (see picture below) have been produced in different pressings. You can see that if you compare the colours of the CDs. The usual Promo-CD has a brighter blue and a grey with more yellow in it than the one with the misprinted cover picture.

Buy this CD here or at eBay. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING in an air cushion envelope EUR 3,00 GERMANY / EUR 6,00 EUROPE / EUR 9,00 all others. PAYMENT: I ACCEPT PAYPAL (please add 1,- Euro to cover PayPal charges; ) + BANK TRANSFER (only free from Euro-countries) + REGISTERED/SECURED MAIL CASH or CONCEALED CASH (only EURO), NO CHEQUES (except inside Germany).

You can view pictures with higher resolution here (90 KB)

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She's the sun-5"-CD limited to 77.777 - 4 tracks incl. video originally signed by H.P. + Rick + Axel Coon!!!

She's the sun-5"-CD limited to 77.777 - 4 tracks incl. video
I'm your Pusher-5"-CD 4 Tracks

VIDEOS (soon also on DVD! Please ask!)

Promo-VHS-Video "She's the sun"
"She's The Sun" Clip, 4 min. on a Universal Records-10 min.VHS-PAL Tape ("unerkœufliche Promotionkassette = promotional copy - not for sale ") - never played for sure. Usual video, full length with seconds counting backwards and a page informing about act, title, record label, director, date before the clip starts.

(German) VIVA-TV-Moderations Archive-VHS-PAL-Tape

"Viva"-Tape (in a Viva-Videosleeve (Viva is a german TV station)) with Scooter TV-moderations from 6 Viva-Shows ("Star VJ-Wochen", Planet Viva, Chartsurfer etc. everything from august 2000). All moderations from 2 days - all in all ca. 25 min), without videoclips, without background music, just pure speech. It's an official Viva copy with 4 seconds black between the moderations. It's not recorded from the running TV programme.

Scooter on TV recorded from german TV-VHS-PAL-Tape
SCOOTER on TV Collection 90 minutes SCOOTER June 1999 - December 1999 on VHS PAL120 minutes tape
Moderations + Livegigs (no music video clips) + Interviews recorded from TV
1 Scooter @ Dome 9, Westfalenhallen Dortmund, GER Call me manana
2 WDR, Eins Live Sommerparty, GER Call me manana, 'm raving, Fire, How much is the fish, Move your ass
3 Rheinfire Football, Rheinstadion Düsseldorf, GER Fire
4 VIVA-TV-Special Scooter in Lisbon/Portugal-Moderations (very funny)
5 VIVA Club Rotation on Mallorca Faster harder scooter
6 Live: Faster harder Scooter
7 Ibiza moderation
8 NBC Giga TV Chat Report/Interview
9 Eins Live Party, Paderborn, GER Faster harder Scooter
10 VIVA TV (with Tobi Schlegel (Tobi acts like H.P. in the cologne subway))
11 Rheinfire, Rheinstadion, Düsseldorf, GER
12 Top of the pops, GER

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